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The Company

Tetra Desaindo (TDI) was established in 1997 by four young professional architects who are members of prestigious association such as Association of Indonesian Architects, Asean Architect, Association of Indonesian Interior Designers, and Association of Indonesian Construction Experts. TDI,  an architectural consultant, concentrates in planning and designing, while Tetra Konstruksindo (TKI), established in 2001, takes care of the structural construction, turning TDI's concept into reality.

Initially Tetra's core team was assisted by two staff members but currently more than 120 people are employed by the company, some of whom are professionals like architects, interior designers, civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers. There are four divisions in the company that work together hand in hand to reach one goal, they are: Planning & Design Division, Project Division, Finance & Operation Division, and Marketing Division. Tetra has also taken part in a number of architectural competitions both at home and abroad.

After eighteen years of operation in design and construction, TDI has branched out into property business by setting up Nusaland Indo Asia (NIA)  as its developer company. And in 2015 TKI set up a Joint Venture Company PT. Daiwa Tetra Manunggal Konstruksi with Daiwa House Industry Co ( Japan ) and Kharisma Utama Propertindo ( Argo Manunggal Group ).

The corporate philosophy is to create and maintain a good cooperation and relationship between the management and employees. Day by day they are becoming skilled in perfecting the art of relationship, coordination, and teamwork.

The company holds annual employee & family outings or gatherings, sporting events, or charity programs to build teamwork spirit, communication and coordination, and foster close relationship among employees.

"The combination of these four elements will build anything you desire"

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